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4) Fish Oil Reduces Tryglycerides. Heart health is at the top of the meals chain, regarding fish essential oil. Most health practitioners concentrate on cholesterol, which we have found out may not be the villain we have been led to believe. But high trigylcerides bring about high cholesterol, therefore controlling the triglycerides handles the levels of total cholesterol also. 5) Fish Oil supports blood pressure. Not enough people take fish essential oil to help with blood pressure. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine reviewed 17 studies, 11 of which gave fish essential oil to folks with normal blood circulation pressure and 7 which gave fish essential oil to people with high blood pressure.Sufferers with orders on file stayed in a healthcare facility for shorter instances, and their care cost a lower amount, the researchers found. One expert saw similarities in his own practice. ‘The study outcomes resonate with my own encounters and those of several emergency and critical care providers,’ said Dr. Benjamin Abella, clinical research director with the Center for Resuscitation Science at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. ‘Hopefully, the study can serve as a wake-up contact that DNR discussions should occur early and frequently subsequent cardiac arrest, and that these discussions should be based on the survival prospect of individual patients,’ said Abella, who was not involved with the extensive research.