Trauma and spine patients.

This tool provides easy access to data throughout methods – allowing the surgical group to quickly reference details on flat screens mounted in the operating room. Collectively, the Wise OR elements are housed in a unique neurosurgical suite at Sacred Center Hospital’s Brain & Backbone Institute. ‘Smart’ Care: Ultimately, the Smart OR reduces trauma, resulting in a faster recovery time and shorter hospital stay. It also reduces the risk of varied complications, reducing the need for follow-up surgery significantly. ‘Patients entrust us with their lives, and we owe it to them to invest in the world’s best technology and treatment plans. The Smart OR can be an innovative tool that assists our neurosurgeons perform operations with better accuracy and precision,’ says Steve Ronstrom, CEO of Sacred Heart Hospital.And second, regular examinations give doctors more opportunities to check on for STDs while they’re still within their earliest, most treatable stage. In order for these examinations and visits to the physician to be helpful, people have to tell their doctors if they are considering having sex or if they have already started having sex. That is true for all sorts of sex — oral, vaginal, and anal. And allow doctor understand if you’ve ever endured any type of sexual contact, if it had been in the past even. Don’t let embarrassment at the thought of having an STD keep you from seeking medical attention.