Today announced the display of interim outcomes from the first Phase I/II trial of samalizumab.

Grade three to five 5 events deemed perhaps, probably, or definitely related to study medication included anemia , neutropenia , thrombocytopenia , decreased visual acuity , respiratory syncytial virus illness , muscular weakness , and rash . Samalizumab dosing was associated with no dose-limiting or serious adverse cytokine reactions. The utmost tolerated dose was not reached in this trial. In patients with enough peripheral immune cells to judge biological activity, 95 percent showed 81 percent to 98 percent reductions in peripheral CD200+ CD4+ T cells.ACE recognizes that the exposures confronted by the transport industry continue to evolve, resulting in the necessity for companies to streamline their risk and insurance administration practices. Since incorporating Occupational Accident insurance into our product offering in 2001, and optional Contingent Liability protection in 2012, ACE is rolling out extensive expertise underwriting specific insurance products for independent contractors in the transport industry. The brand new Passenger Accident product offering complements ACE's existing product portfolio by providing needed protection for motorists, owner-operators, and engine carriers who allow nonemployee passengers to travel within their trucks while working, stated Joe Vasquez, Division President, Accident & Wellness, ACE USA.