Today announced that it has acquired two neuropathic pain management assets from NeurogesX.

NP-1998 was referred to as NGX-1998 previously. We intend to support Qutenza with our existing medical and commercial infrastructure, which includes one of the market's best neurology sales forces, said Ron Cohen, M.D., Acorda's President and CEO. Furthermore, we will leverage our neurology experience to judge NP-1998 for the treatment of neuropathic pain, with an initial emphasis on painful diabetic neuropathy. This provides another important potentially, late stage item to our pipeline. Acorda produced an around $8 million payment to acquire development and commercialization privileges for Qutenza and NP-1998 in the usa, Canada, Latin America and particular other territories, including $7 million paid to NeurogesX and around $900,000 for several assumed accounts payable.From Haiti almost 40 years back According to the latest analysis, the Helps virus invaded the United States from Haiti, sometime around 1969, after that it flourished and spread worldwide. Scientists say it was probably brought in to the country by a single infected immigrant, setting the stage for it to become the tragic epidemic which includes since swept around the world. Michael Worobey, who is based at the University of Arizona says the 1969 U.S. Entry date is sooner than some specialists had is and suggested the first human immunodeficiency virus discovered. The HIV-1 group M subtype B, may be the dominant strain of the Helps virus generally in most countries outside sub-Saharan Africa and almost all the viruses are descendants of one that emerged from Haiti.