To raise awareness among clinicians.

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Breast Cancer Network comments that until now, the government attention and funding largely on breast cancer diagnosis and treatments have been aligned. They must continue because it is absolutely necessary in order to women women. But it is useful, If in the important area of reducing the incidence of the disease. If government government, the health committee recommendations to make an important contribution to the understanding and prevention of breast cancer.

The effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals are intergenerational justice. For the sake of this generation daughters and granddaughters Breast Cancer Network NZ strongly government government to take forward these recommendations.The colon or rectum the treatment of lung cancer combination therapy.

Use of Avastin the use of Avastin for lung cancer combination therapy with carboplatin and paclitaxel in chemotherapy for the first -line treatment. Locally advanced, recurrent or metastatic non – squamous epithelium, non-small cell lung – Avasting of for the most common lung cancer.

One third of cancer deaths in the U.S. Are of this type.Avastin has the first treatment that approved by the FDA, designed angiogenesis angiogenesis – the process of through by which new blood vessels and feeding a tumors. The drug is also approved. In combination with intravenous 5 – fluorouracil-based chemotherapy for first – or second-line treating patients with metastasized the colon or rectum.