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And there’s a new Ron Paul video he released today at that people just posted where he says that secession is the ultimate American worth. He continued: America is already gone. We should recognize that, pull out the New World Purchase, prosecute the criminals that have hijacked the Republic that don’t flee, and reconstitute the Republic. But we must separate or die to then rejoin first. This is time for commitment. That is time for dedication, and the spiritual decision to sign your John Hancock in your words as well as your deeds towards the restoration of our Republic and putting us back again on the span of liberty and justice for all.We realize that placing infants on their backs to sleep is by much the single best approach to reduce the chance of SIDS, however the number of deaths provides leveled off recently, Dr. Lister said. We wanted to know why to be able to develop practical tips that caregivers will follow. Our findings claim that a physician’s counsel makes a substantial difference when a caregiver is determining whether to place an infant to sleep on its tummy, aspect or back. The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Kid Health and Human Advancement first launched the Back to Sleep marketing campaign in 1994.