This full 12 months.

AACR Meeting on Frontiers in Basic Cancer Research to end up being held in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA What: For more than 100 years, the American Association for Tumor Study has been the premier leader in the essential science of cancer analysis. This full 12 months, Elizabeth H . Blackburn, Ph.D., the immediate past president of the AACR and a recent Nobel laureate, will chair the Second AACR Conference on Frontiers in Fundamental Cancer Research. This conference will unite cancer research leaders from around the world to encourage and strengthen collaborative research efforts.

Each grant will provide $55,000 for one year, beginning July 1, 2015. AACR and Bayer will continue their partnership in 2016, where two new fellowship opportunities will be accessible: the AACR-Bayer Health care Prostate Cancer Study Fellowship and the AACR-Bayer Health care Hepatocellular Carcinoma Research Fellowship. The extensive study proposed for funding may be basic, translational, clinical, or epidemiological in nature and will need to have direct relevance and applicability to either prostate tumor or hepatocellular carcinoma. These funding opportunities will be open to applications in the fall of 2015. All decisions regarding the review and selection of the submitted applications will be produced by the AACR Scientific Review Committee in accordance with the policies and procedures of AACR..