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Addicts also reported that they thought that renting was a cheaper option to cash obligations and that it guarded them from violence and humiliation at the hand of drug dealers, the researchers said. An interview with Professor Lesley JonesUAB criminologists Heith Copes, Ph.D., and Rod K. Brunson, Ph.D., interviewed 30 respondents incarcerated in two prisons in Louisiana. Nineteen respondents admitted to renting vehicles owned by addicts in exchange for medicines. This revelation led the researchers to interview 27 topics who were addicted to crack cocaine however, not incarcerated to understand how rock rentals had been executed. While some borrowers said they have stolen cars belonging to addicts, most borrowers, and also addicts, stated they honored the local rental agreements to safeguard future drug transactions.Many pharmaceutical medicines interact with cell surface receptors to create their desired therapeutic effects. Dr. Sloan is working on applying a biosensing technology developed in the Bailey laboratory to review how drugs and various other chemicals connect to multiple different cell receptors concurrently. The info from these studies may lead to the advancement of new pharmaceutical medicines and/or medicines with fewer side effects. Sumith A. Kulartne, Ph.D., may be the Vice President of Study & Development, On Target Laboratories, LLC, West Lafayette, IN .