The disease is slow to advance.

21 signs or symptoms of Hashimoto`s thyroiditis The signs and symptoms of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are the same as those of hypothyroidism. The disease is slow to advance, and the starting point of symptoms is gradual nizagara tablets 100mg . It could take years for true hypothyroidism to build up. The signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism vary widely, depending on the severity of hormone deficiency. Some of the problems experienced by people that have hypothyroidism include: Fatigue Mental fogginess and forgetfulness Sense excessively cool Constipation Dry skin Water retention Non-specific aches and stiffness in muscle tissue and joints Excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding Depression Weight gain Puffiness in the face Infertility Thinning, brittle locks or hair thinning Slow heart rate Irregular menstrual periods Decreased sweating Solid or brittle nails Decreased reflexes Swollen hands and foot Cold skin Sleepiness These signs or symptoms can increase in severity as the problem worsens..

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