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This is a good building to visit and drop off some cards. Speak to the receptionist initial. They are a great starting point and they refer business also! Spreadsheet Instructions: 1. Title each column with the type of data you will put in that column: ie: Initial Name, Last Name, Business Name, Kind of Business, Mobile phone, Address1, Address2, City, Condition, Zip, Please be aware, this is the most significant part. In the event that you make separate fields for every data, you can kind and make labels, and track better. 2. Don’t combine their titles into one field by putting their first name in a package and their last name in another box you can then do a letter merge and make use of their first name or last name ie: Dear Joe or Dear Mr.Being too occupied to capture 40 winks is one thing, but if you lie in bed looking at the ceiling, hoping and praying that your eye will close eventually but simply couldn’t do it, you might need a homeopathic treat for insomnia. Why go this path? Because it is not just safer than prescribed medicines for sleeplessness, but it in addition has proven to be more effective in the long term whereby it is much less addictive and less dangerous when applied.