Sureyya Dikmen.

In the absence of intracranial mass lesions requiring surgery, indications of intracranial hypertension on imaging or medical examination were treated 1st with hyperosmolar therapies by using protocol-specified doses on a fixed routine of administration, optional slight hyperventilation , and optional ventricular drainage. Continuing edema prompted factor of the administration of high-dose barbiturates. The battery of tests included measures of mental status, working memory, information-processing acceleration, episodic learning and memory, verbal fluency, executive function, and motor dexterity .Vaginal bleeding after sex isn’t something that could not be ignored. There is a laundry set of possible causes. Here 4 gynecological diseases have become common factors behind vaginal bleeding after sex. Chlamydia: A bacterial infection that’s usually transmitted through sexual activity or connection with semen, vaginal liquid, or blood. Gonorrhea: A usually std due to bacteria. Several pharmaceutical remedies are available. Adenomyosis is a noncancerous condition where the cells of the endometrium develop into the muscular wall space of the uterus.