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New strategies including integrated vector management in combination with current conventional malaria control efforts as and and bed net use could synergistically reduce malaria transmission, said Surachetpong.This gene, called Arf, the accumulation of certain cells, called pericyte , which preventing to encourage the growth of blood vessels in the eye during embryonic development to the researchers. These observations is interesting because Arf does gene known p53 trigger apoptosis – programmed suicide – in cells that can become cancerous. An eye, however, Arf works by another mechanism regardless of p53. The current discover that Arf It also restricts the growth of blood vessels in the eye of the embryo was a surprising finding, glassy famous to their role in the suppression the researchers, said the researchers.

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Discovery of role Arf to curtails blood vessel growth in eyes of developing world would also be to the development of new anticancer drugs. ‘to find out When we can, as you re-activate the Arf gene in human cancers, in which suppress that gene, we may to avoid the accumulation of perivascular cells that supported to the blood of a tumor a tumor,’said Skapek. ‘A drug which ourselves these can starve solid cancers a powerful new weapons against cancer would be its. ‘. Carrie Strehlau St. 901-495-2295.. Arf gene is prevents undue blood vessels grow in the developing countries eye with stop signals trigger accumulation of cells which encourage these ships to St. Jew scholars A Gen better known for his role in the prevention of cancer, also at in to the developing embryo, where the gene preventing excessive blood vessels growing, according to investigators at St.