Suicide Risk Might Rise for a few After Weight-Loss Surgery: WEDNESDAY.

Mitchell Roslin, chief of obesity surgery at Lenox Hill Medical center in NEW YORK, agreed that some patients with morbid obesity have problems in existence that will not end up being solved through weight-loss surgery alone. These may be individuals who haven’t been successful in the overall game of life to begin with, Roslin said. You hope that you’ve transformed their destiny, and as it happens you haven’t at all. However, Roslin said he’s against limiting weight-loss surgery and then well-functioning people who have stable support systems, given that there is a possibility that the surgery could enhance the life of nearly any candidate. We realize that high-risk patients don’t do as well, but we reside in a land of opportunity.The market is full of them but when it comes to long-lasting effect, it certainly pays to find the product with a track record of success, effectiveness and quality.

$1.1 billion Martek sale measures success of UMD-Mtech ‘grads’ The latest success of Martek Biosciences, a rising-star among Maryland biotechs, began greater than a decade ago in an ordinary, brick building on the University of Maryland campus. With a good idea and early-stage nurturing from the university’s Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute , the ongoing company has had the opportunity to grow into a major international business. On 21 December, a Dutch firm acquired Martek for $1.1 billion < - the most recent in a string of successes for Mtech alums. It is the second Mtech 'graduate' company to sell for a lot more than $1 billion in the past three years.