Such as a violent childhood.

Nevertheless, the harm and angry emotions behind these stressors and triggers could be healed once you understand what they are and then formulate a plan to deal with them. 1. Self Esteem Self esteem is how we see ourselves and also our sense of personal worth. Whenever we see somebody we love, a buddy particularly, die in front of us, it has a traumatic effect. We ask ourselves questions like Why am I still here? What could I have done to prevent this loss of life? Why did God take my loved one? We experience horrible because we believe we might have been in a position to prevent what happened. Sometimes we feel that the person who died deserved to live a lot more than we perform.See your doctor in the event that these symptoms are showed by you for over an extended period of time. 6. Swelling of Facial Features: Some patients later diagnosed with lung cancers reported noticing swelling, puffiness, or inflammation in the real face. The explanation behind this is that lung tumors obstruct the arteries in the chest, thus checking blood from running openly from the top and face. Don’t ignore any puffiness on your own face if it doesn’t go away. 7. Persistent heartburn: In case you have regular incidents of acid reflux or a constant feeling of discomfort in the chest after eating anything, see your physician and get screened for esophageal tumor.