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This condition can significantly affect a person's quality of mobility and life. The composing committee also ranked pre-operative vascular screening for preparing a dialysis access site as appropriate provided that it was done within 90 days of the procedure; however, vascular testing was rarely appropriate for general surveillance of a functional dialysis fistula or graft unless there is definitely some indication of a problem . Unlike with arterial disease – – for instance, for follow-up of little aortic aneurysms or narrowing or blockages of the carotid artery – – there are far fewer medical scenarios where vascular testing is deemed useful for repeat monitoring of venous disease, and further research is needed.In the initial stage, a multiple linear regression model was utilized to estimate the association between different heat range indicators and number of daily EM instances in each paper. The analysis duration was restricted to the time of temperatures increasing in each scholarly research, because most studies found that nearly all EM cases occurred during the rising of temperatures. The heterogeneity of the included studies was assessed using Cochran’s Q statistic. If the heterogeneity check was significant, a random-effects model was utilized to estimate the pooled association between temperature indicators and daily EM situations. Otherwise, the estimated results predicated on a fixed-results model were reported. Consequently, all the analyses reported were carried out using TM.In summary the temperature features during epidemic EM outbreaks, the time and TM were standardized.