S the skinny on the weight loss drugs that disappointed.

Here’s the skinny on the weight loss drugs that disappointed, the hepatitis medications that matched the hype and others as we look back on the main headlines relating to medications in 2010 2010. Green Light Gilenya This medication from Novartis was the first medication for multiple sclerosis in pill form to get US Food and Drug Administration approval. As a sphingosine-1-phosphate modulator, it prevents white bloodstream cells from attacking the anxious system and has proved far better at reducing relapse rates than interferon-beta, a preexisting multiple sclerosis drug http://www.edmdrx.com .

According to the Environmental Working Group , the Senate proposal endangers environmental problems around farming. Direct obligations to huge farms have been cut. Rather, an insurance subsidy program offers more assistance to Big Ag’s insurance charges and the insurance market. That is back-door corporate welfare. The EWG praises Senator Debbie Stabenow , chairwoman for the Senate Committee drawing up the 2012 Farm Costs for not really allowing the new bill to be even worse than it really is. But they believe the trade off for Big Ag’s insurance assistance ought to be more environmental needs and regulations for individuals who advantage most. Ronnie Cummins’ Organic Customers Association sees some good with the poor.