S spinal-cord to be able to punish him for paralyzing another guy.

“We’ve a firm belief that part of physicians should not take part in any inhumane treatment, as part of legal punishment within their country even,” said Otmar Kloiber, secretary general of the global world Medical Association, an international physicians’ firm which supports the right of Saudi doctors to refuse to perform the operation. Saudi officials have entered harm control mode swiftly, reportedly urging al-Mutairi to simply accept blood money in lieu of the procedure.What we provide to the table will be a lot of flexibility. For example, there may be some experts in neuroscience that are interested in scanning mouse brains, primate brains or post-mortem human brains perhaps. With our program, they are able to go from one type of research to the next without having to be hindered by the size of the slide. There are a complete lot of companies out there that scan and share slides, but we provide a remedy that allows the flexibility to picture where it in any other case wouldn't be possible. For neurologists who would like to do whole mount, we're a good company to utilize because all of us've been doing this for a long time.