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But the scholarly study, published Oct. 13 in JAMA Internal Medication, also links smoking to: 2.3 million cases of heart attack1.3 million cases of cancer1.2 million cases of stroke1.8 million cases of diabetes.The researchers said their findings regarding diabetes are concerning particularly. ‘We’ve known for a long time that smoking cigarettes makes diabetes outcomes worse, and diabetics who smoke cigarettes are really putting themselves at great risk,’ Pechacek stated. ‘But if people smoke who’ve a inclination toward diabetes, are pre-diabetic, they are at a much higher risk of progressing to complete diabetes.’ Outrageous vintage cigarette ads Advertisements touting the health and medicinal great things about tobacco products, featuring reassuring doctors, sweet babies, and cartoon character types ‘Smoking cigarettes causes diabetes and helps it be much worse,’ he said.Today we have to adapt to the way our members find health information, rendering it faster, less difficult and more intuitive for them to connect to healthcare providers, stated Matthew Childs, Highmark web technique and development vice president. Highmark is certainly committed to providing details in the most efficient way possible to our members, which ultimately helps them have a greater hand in their health. The Health@Hands app could be downloaded today from the iTunes shop at Once downloaded, Highmark health program members will be asked to enter a special ID number available on the Highmark member websites to activate the application form.