Many people find that they feel much healthier and more vibrant during this season.

Summer may be the perfect time to introduce as many raw foods as possible in the diet. Natural smoothies and salads will keep you going in the summertime. A greater selection of vegetables and fruit means even more nourishment for your body and is way better for your health. Wild Foods Right now, most of us know that blueberries are great for wellness. But there are many berries that grow wild across the world that may give us a lot of those same nutrients and antioxidants. I think it is funny when I see a small amount of blackberries on sale in the supermarket for quite a hefty price, plus they are growing all around us for free.Researchers say defibrillators give heart attack survivors no better protection against a cardiac arrest than having somebody around with great cardiopulmonary resuscitation schooling. The experts at the Seattle Institute of Cardiac Study conducted a big study on more than 7,000 patients in North America, European countries, and Australia with a brief history of heart attacks. Related StoriesSexual activity seldom causes heart attackDefibrillator does not improve outcomes in sufferers with CRT pacemakerParticulate matter, NO2 air pollution associated with increased risk of heart attacksBecause the majority of unexpected cardiac arrests occur at home, the experts were interested to see if placing defibrillators in homes could conserve lives.