Lifelong Wellness: The Bioscience of Ageing.

An ageing inhabitants presents new challenges for culture, which we need to deal with. ‘This Bioscience of Ageing exhibition can help spread the message across Britain that research into ageing is important and that the federal government, through our Research Councils, is funding this important work. It demonstrates the way the UK gets a return on its public expenditure in science which is looking for answers to debilitating age-related circumstances.’ Steve Visscher, interim Chief Executive of BBSRC, said ‘The essential bioscience conducted by BBSRC-funded researchers is essential to underpin our understanding of our body and how it changes throughout the span of our lives therefore we can learn how to stay healthier for longer.’ Members of the public will also have the opportunity to view the exhibit when it visits the Centre forever in Newcastle from 15 November until February 2008.We simply don’t have enough people who are professionally educated, said Rep. Tim Murphy, a Pennsylvania Republican who remains energetic as a psychologist and is lead sponsor of the House bill. His measure would, among various other steps, help kid psychiatrists pay off their student loans and promote wider usage of telepsychiatry. The workforce shortage is here now to remain, said Dr. Michael Flaum, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Iowa. We’re going to want to do business in different ways, and in my view that isn’t a bad point, Flaum said. The way it is now, people with the right insurance who eventually knock on the right door at the right time are certain to get seen. They might not be the ones most in need. .. AMHN to air new healthcare video segments of Saddle Ranch Productions in its network AMHN, Inc., announced today that Saddle Ranch Productions, Inc.