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CO2 is, of course, constantly reformed and recycled through the entire planetary ecosystem. Ocean biological activity alone produces 90 billion tons of CO2 each year – – many multiples of the significantly smaller amount made by human activity . If CO2 alone caused global warming and global death, we’d all be dead right now. As it happens that CO2 helps fertilize the development and restoration of vegetation and forests actually! Ocean plants love carbon dioxide, too!By the real way, it’s not just land plants that are starving for CO2. Marine plants want more CO2, and most marine biology came into being in a period when CO2 levels were far higher than they are today.Under the terms of the agreement, Aesynt assumed complete ownership of Health Robotics, with all 65 employees immediately joining Aesynt. Founder-entrepreneurs Fabio Fioravanti and Gaspar DeViedma will remain with the company as Managing Directors of Research, Development & Operations and Global Commercialization, respectively. R&D and procedures for IV automation items will continue to be headquartered in Italy. We are excited about the possibilities for our combined institutions to work together to advance IV automation, combined with the broader portfolio of pharmacy automation, to boost medication safety, optimize productivity and keep your charges down for our clients, said Gaspar DeViedma.