Investigating natures pharmacyBecause plants cannot flee from predators.

They therefore represent an excellent starting place for the development of new therapeutic treatments for cancers that usually do not respond to conventional chemotherapy regimens. Investigating nature’s pharmacyBecause plants cannot flee from predators, evolution has imbued them with several chemical and physical defenses instead. Many of these chemical substances are complicated and potent venomous and anti-microbial brokers phenomenally, and replace the complex cellular immune system found in animals.Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Analysis UK, said: ‘Encouraging visitors to modification their behaviour is frequently difficult, but the first step is to build awareness that these changes are worth making. ‘We have estimated that a lot more than 13,000 cases of cancer could possibly be prevented each full year if everyone taken care of a healthy weight. ‘Even though many people may associate pounds with getting healthy in general, this survey shows that most people don’t link it directly with their threat of cancer, or don’t know how much it could reduce their risk.’ Two thirds of people surveyed mentioned quitting smoking as a real way to reduce cancer risk.