Including delays in understanding how to socially communicate and interact.

Researchers photographed the faces of children using three-dimensional imaging, which allowed scientists to measure distances along the curvature of the face instead of in a straight series as have been done in earlier tests. Duan then ran sophisticated statistical analyses to measure minute differences in the facial measurements of every group. Related StoriesOxytocin treatment enhances interpersonal, emotional and behavioral problems among small children with autismTraining ASD people by repetition actually harms learning abilityData demonstrates possibility of measuring biomarkers relevant to autism in adult saliva’It all started from a clinical observation,’ Miles stated.‘Mouse types of human malignancy have trained us a great deal about the basic principles of tumor biology,’ says Inder Verma, Ph.D., a professor in the Laboratory of Genetics. ‘By definition, nevertheless, they are just that: approximations that simulate a disease but never fully catch the molecular complexity underlying disease in humans.’ Trying to mimic randomly happening mutations that lie at the heart of all tumors, the Salk experts used modified viruses to shuttle cancer-causing oncogenes into a handful of cells in adult mice. Their strategy, explained in the Jan. 4, 2009 online issue of the journal Character Medicine , cannot only prove a very useful method to faithfully reproduce different types of tumors but also to elucidate the nature of elusive tumor stem cells.