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Providing the facts is vital, but it’s also wise to give your kids a sense of where you stand. Teens, especially, may seem uninterested in your views on sex and birth control, or your values in general even, but they ingest more than you think usually. At times, kids may not feel comfortable approaching parents with questions about sexuality. That’s OK. But it’s important that they possess a trusted adult — like a trained teacher, school counselor, school nurse, or doctor — to talk to about birth control and other issues related to sex. Birth Control Methods Couples who carry out choose to have sexual intercourse have many effective contraceptive methods to choose from. Check out the articles below to understand important factual statements about these different options. You may be surprised — some popular types aren’t as effective as many people think: Abstinence Birth Control Patch Birth Control Pill Birth Control Ring Birth Control Shot Cervical Cap Condoms Diaphragm Emergency Contraception IUD Rhythm Method Spermicide Withdrawal..Journalists are required to observe embargoes as indicated either by ESHRE staff or by the time/time of the presented session.

Advances in epilepsy treatment Epilepsy and seizures influence 2.5 million Americans, 181,000 new cases of epilepsy are diagnosed each year, and the disorder incurs around $12.5 billion in annual indirect and direct costs. About 450,000 children ages 15 and young develop epilepsy each complete year, and of these, 315,000 are school-aged children. Children and adolescents are more likely to have epilepsy of unidentified or genetic origin. The rate of new cases in children is definitely highest before age 2, declines until about age 10 gradually, and then stabilizes.