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Campbell is senior author on the new paper. We just need to encourage its use. The new drug Abiraterone could they state potentially treat up to 80 percent of sufferers with a deadly type of the disease which is usually resistant to available chemotherapy. Abiraterone functions by blocking the hormones which fuel the cancer and is a major step forwards in the treating end-stage prostate cancer individuals. Prostate cancer may be the most common cancer among males and each full calendar year, 680,000 males are diagnosed with the disease and about 220 world-wide,000 will die from it.Chris Norris, an associate professor in the UK College of Medicine Department of Biomedical and Molecular Pharmacology, as well as a person in the faculty at the UK Sanders-Brown Focus on Aging, is the senior writer on a paper released in the Journal of Neuroscience recently, entitled ‘Targeting astrocytes to ameliorate neurologic adjustments in a mouse style of Alzheimer's disease.’ The first author on the article, Jennifer L. Furman, was a graduate student in the Norris laboratory during completion of the study. Related StoriesNew technique assists study protein changes in mind tissue of Alzheimer's patientsExperimental drug applicant targeted at combating Alzheimer's disease has anti-aging effectsResearchers identify part of microglia during first stages of Alzheimer's disease The astrocyte is a very abundant non-neuronal cell type that performs unquestionably critical features for maintaining healthy anxious tissue.