Frank van Gelder.

As a result, we believe that the decrease in delayed graft function connected with machine perfusion contributes to the improvement in graft survival. The amount of patients with primary nonfunction was reduced by half in the machine-perfusion group as compared with the cold-storage group. However, this difference was not statistically significant, which might be explained by the low overall incidence of major nonfunction. In this trial, features of machine perfusion were not allowed to be used as a diagnostic device to identify kidneys which were at risk for an unhealthy outcome.Of the 43 males who elected to have energetic treatment with radical prostatectomy , radiation therapy , cryotherapy , or androgen deprivation therapy , just two experienced disease progression at a median of 23 a few months following treatment. Patients in whom cancer was detected on the repeat biopsy and the ones who had a higher versus lower total number of positive cores from the diagnostic and repeat biopsies combined were significantly more more likely to discontinue AS and opt for treatment. ‘We strongly believe that a restaging biopsy before initiating AS is mandatory since it excludes up to 30 percent of sufferers considered for AS based on the initial diagnostic biopsy, minimizes the chance of a Gleason quality sampling mistake and predicts the likelihood of remaining on AS,’ says the team.