fingerprints For CancerSerum microRNAs serve as biomarkers for the detection of diseases.

Cancer.’ fingerprints ‘ For CancerSerum microRNAs serve as biomarkers for the detection of diseases, including cancer and diabetes, according the study published online this week in Cell Research. The findings pave the way for a revolutionary non-invasive diagnostic tool.

Although tumor markers greatly improve diagnosis, current diagnostic techniques are prohibitively invasive and thus have limited clinical application. Recurrence.proach is non-invasive and has the potential for the clinical treatment of various cancers and diseases through improving diagnosis of disease, cancer classification, prognosis estimation, prediction of therapeutic efficacy, maintenance of surveillance, after the operation, and predicts predicts recurrence. The new technology will also be useful in the identification of pharmacological companies population subgroups. Responsive to drugs that have failed in phase III clinical trials.

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