Findings shall be published in the Aug.

The inflammation produced may discharge certain chemical substances in the brain and inadvertently kill human brain cells, as we discover in Parkinson’s. Dr. Bower explains that this study will not prove that allergy symptoms cause Parkinson’s disease; instead, it points to an association between the two illnesses. He advises that allergy individuals can do little to reduce the potential risk for Parkinson’s. I wouldn’t get worried if you have allergy symptoms, he says. Deal with the allergy symptoms you need to alleviate them at the time. At this point, we have no good evidence that treatment will protect you from probably developing Parkinson’s disease afterwards. Dr. Colleagues and Bower hope, however, that the clues in this study may give scientists a strong hint about inflammation’s role in Parkinson’s.Unless you, and you still proceed down the long academic track, it will get back to bite you in a few form probably. Also, in the investigator or professor track, it is essential that you be open-minded to what the data shows – even evidence that is conventionally ignored or suppressed. If everything you secretly want to do, but aren’t informing anyone because it feels icky, is to teach a subject so that you can convince folks of an ideology, through the use of slanted arguments and highlighting selective evidence, right now is your chance to accomplish something big at a age.