Family Ties

Some of our members had ancestors and other kin who served in the Great War, and our commitment to the Great War Historical Society is in part to remember and honor their service to their respective countries. Some of those ancestors have been listed on this page so their service will never be forgotten.

Do you have an ancestor who served in the First World War and would like to see him or her mentioned on this page? If so, please submit a photo and basic information to Sean Weller.

ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corp)

Victor Hamilton

Joined up as a private at 17 (underaged) with the 3rd Auckland Company (in 1916 onwards 3rd Auckland Regiment, 1st Auckland Battalion). Trained in Egypt. Was at Gallipoli landings along ANZAC Cove, wounded at Chunuk Bair on the 10th of Aug. 1915. Sent to England to recover. Gained the rank of Sergeant, and was put to training the reinforcements until the 1st of Jan. 1918. were he was stationed along the Somme. Shipped home from England in July 1919

Survived the war and entered officer school in 1920




Austro-Hungarian Empire

Rudolf Michaelis
Honvéd Infantry Regiment 23
From Szászrégen, Transylvania, Hungary

Mobilized when war broke out in 1914 at age 20, when this photo was taken.

Captured at Uzsok Pass in the Carpathian Mountains, 31 Dec 1914. Spent at least 5 years as POW at Vladivostok, Russia.

Survived the war. He died February 1962.

Grandfather of Chris Rudolph Michaelis
K.u.k. IR 61





United States of America

Lt. Thomas Day Kennedy
Adj. 3rd Bn. 136th Infantry

Served in France 1917-1918

He Survived the War.

Great Uncle of Sean Weller
IR 23