Even if they were of normal weight.

At the beginning of the study the women were asked to measure their waists and hips. Every two years, the ladies finished questionnaires about their health, providing information about their age, activity level, smoking position, diet, blood circulation pressure and cholesterol amounts. The researchers examined the cause of death for all women who died over the course of the study. The researchers discovered that women with better waist circumferences were much more likely to die prematurely, particularly from heart disease, in comparison with women with smaller sized waists. For example, women with waistline size add up to or greater than 35 ins were approximately twice as more likely to die of cardiovascular disease as were ladies with a waistline size significantly less than 28 inches, of their body mass index irrespective.The overall incidence of herpes zoster per 1000 person-years was 0.3 in the HZ/su group and 9.1 in the placebo group, for an overall vaccine efficacy of 97.2 percent among individuals who were 50 years of age or older. There was no factor in vaccine efficacy among this groups . The entire vaccine efficacy was similar in the full total vaccinated cohort . Safety and Reactogenicity In the reactogenicity subgroup, unsolicited or solicited symptoms within 7 days following vaccination had been reported in 84.4 percent of individuals in the HZ/su group and 37.8 percent in the placebo group .