The overall goal of the GWHS is to teach the general public about the First World War.  In addition to putting on educational displays, lecturing and re-enacting battles at public events about WW1, we are very interested in going to schools and other organizations to educate people about this frequently ignored and forgotten war. from causes and great events of the war to the humble details of the lives of the individual soldiers. We have at our disposal artifacts from the war, such as uniforms, gear, weapons (if permitted) as well as maps, posters, films, as well a wealth of knowledge on the topic we are eager to share.  We can wear our replica uniforms and provide educational displays, lectures or simple question and answer sessions.

We strongly believe that in addition to relating facts about the First World War, or ‘the Great War,’ as it was originally called,  people should be aware that its influence is still being felt to this day.  As an example, in 2011, Germany FINALLY paid off its war debt.  It only took nearly 100 years for that to happen. The impact of the war is felt in different ways and places even today.

If you would like to have us come and talk to your school or group about World War I. We will do out best to get back to you in a timely manner.