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With regards to natural treatment, fruit plant or juices extracts will be the best for oily skin. Lemon Aloe and juice vera may be used as astringent if one prefers natural facial care solutions. These two may also be combined with oat meal or crushed tomatoes to produce a facial mask. Whether you’d like to use a natural formula of astringent or facial mask, leave it on for ten minutes and wash off with hot water. 5) Topical treatments. For greasy skin, the most likely zit-zappers are topical creams which contain benzoyl Alpha or peroxide hydroxy acids. Formulas which contain salicylic acid are recommended for some patients also. However, caution should be exercised when using salicylic acid and a dialogue with a skin doctor is suggested before deciding on these products since they could cause skin-drying when utilized excessively.We’ll become covering those right here on NaturalNews, of course, along with anything that’s especially timely like a new effort to legalize free speech about nutritional supplements. But the majority of the health information you see every year is a regurgitation of the designs presented here. That is why this year, we’re going to concentrate on bringing you truly unique information regarding health freedom, health preparedness, how exactly to grow your very own organic vegetables in your yard and additional such content material that rises above the predictable design of recycled news. Keep tuned in to NaturalNews throughout 2011 for the most impactful wellness news and how-to info which you can use in your own life.