Claudia Gonzaga-Jauregui.

Array-Structured Comparative Genomic Hybridization For array-based comparative genomic hybridization and analysis of the copy-quantity variants in the proband in comparison with those in a male control, we used a 1-million-probe high-quality oligonucleotide whole-genome array , a 2.1-million-oligonucleotide whole-genome array , and a 44,000-oligonucleotide array that was custom-designed to assay genes previously implicated in inherited neuropathy. Evaluation of the copy-amount variants was performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and software.Splaingard. ‘A poor urine drug display finding is an important area of the clinical evaluation before accepting a diagnosis of narcolepsy and beginning treatment in a teenager.’.. Adolescents encounter excessive daytime sleepiness because of marijuana use A report published recently by researchers from Nationwide Children's Hospital, found 10 % of adolescents sent to a Sleep Center for evaluation of excessive daytime sleepiness with testing results in keeping with narcolepsy had urine medication displays positive for marijuana, confounding the results.