Carolyn Westhoff.

Certainly, everything we provide – oh, gonads! Oh my God, gonads. Everything we offer is fresh. Video of Dr. Westhoff admitting to these and other crimes is available right here. Planned Parenthood schemed to maintain illegal baby organ trade secret This latest disturbing video may be the tenth to end up being released by the CMP and the 4th in its documentary series Individual Capital, which is certainly blowing the lid on Planned Parenthood’s illegal baby organ trade. Relating to Dr. Westhoff, it’s perfectly acceptable for Planned Parenthood to consider cash in exchange for the freshest body parts, though doing this could snowball into a huge P.R. Concern, she mentioned to a representative from CMP at a swanky cocktail party.What’s also striking is that the degrees of the fluoride locally where the lowered IQs had been recorded were less than the EPA’s so-known as ‘safe’ drinking water standard for fluoride of 4 ppm and far too close for ease and comfort to the levels used in artificial fluoridation applications . The authors eliminated both lead exposure and iodine deficiency as feasible causes for the reduced IQs. In addition they excluded any children who had a history of mind disease or head injury and none drank brick tea, recognized to contain high fluoride levels. Neither village is subjected to fluoride pollution from burning coal or various other industrial sources.