AYOXXA Biosystems closes third round of Series B financing AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH.

Karsten Fischer, BioMedPartners AG commented. ‘Alongside the unique small volume format, this technique is enabling research, development and potential diagnostic questions even, so far inaccessible.’ Alec Rauschenbusch, Handling Partner of Grazia Collateral GmbH: ‘With its highly innovative multiplexing system, AYOXXA is setting new requirements for applications and analysis of high-worth biological samples in the area of medical analysis and pharmacological screening.’ Additionally, the business announces that Andreas Richter will take over the function as CFO in AYOXXA's Executive Management Team, effective January 1st 2015.Total revenues for the 2010 period consisted mainly of $16.0 million of Feraheme net item revenues, $1.5 million in collaboration revenues linked to the amortization of the upfront payment from Takeda and $1.0 million in collaboration revenues connected with reimbursement from Takeda, primarily related to costs associated with the MAA filing and certain other clinical and regulatory costs incurred by AMAG through the second quarter. The upsurge in revenues this year 2010 over the similar 2009 period was primarily attributable to Feraheme product product sales following its U.S.