An activity important in changing new memories into long-term ones.

The findings shed light on normal memory mechanisms and how they are disrupted by ageing. During sleep, the hippocampus, a human brain region important in memory space and learning, repeatedly replays brain activity from latest awake encounters. This replay procedure is believed to be important for memory space consolidation. In the brand new research, Carol Barnes, PhD, and colleagues at the University of Arizona found reduced replay activity while asleep in old compared to youthful rats, and rats with the least replay activity performed the most severe in testing of spatial memory space.All rights reserved. Neither of the ongoing parties endorse or suggest any commercial products, services, or equipment.. A health care history lesson LA Times: Healthcare History: THE WAY THE Patchwork Coverage HAD BECOME The majority of us get medical health insurance through our jobs, something puzzling to all of those other industrial world, where in fact the government levies offers and taxes health coverage to all as a simple right of society. But for many Americans, their way feels alien -; the weighty hand of authorities reaching into our business as some bureaucrat tells doctors and individuals what to do .