AMA welcomes Australian Federal government waiting list promise.

‘However this is only the first step in getting out the true waiting list numbers. The next thing is to add those on the waiting lists to see professionals at hospitals – the therefore called waiting lists to get on to the waiting lists.’ ‘At the moment patients aren’t included on the waiting list until they have seen a surgeon at hospital and sometimes this may take months, if not really years.’ ‘The Auditor General has regularly criticised medical Department waiting list statistics as grossly inaccurate.’ ‘Doctors and medical center administrators cannot plan for the future if numbers are inaccurate and compiled to provide the perfect picture for Government as they are at the moment,’ Dr Skerritt said..In order to make sure health employees get top-notch treatment, particular centers focused on their treatment have opened up in Liberia and Sierra Leone already. CBS Evening Information Sierra Leone on lockdown as Ebola outbreak spreads In Sierra Leone, roads are barricaded and folks have been confined with their homes for three times to allow authorities period to go door to door lo. As infections prices in Guinea and Liberia start to stabilize, Sierra Leoneans and their federal government have been asking why the condition is picking right up pace there and some have lashed out at the British response.