Allergy cells may aggravate cancer and psoriasis The body&39.

‘Allergy cells’ may aggravate cancer and psoriasis The body's mast cells are mainly associated with allergic reaction in the true method they release histamine and other inflammatory substances . However, experts at Karolinska Institutet have finally demonstrated how the mast cells can also contribute to illnesses like psoriasis and cancer. Mast cells are most known for his or her association with allergies, as they act like microscopic ‘bombs’ to result in the release of several substances that provide rise to the classic allergic symptoms, such as swelling, itching and congestion.

Alliance of Specialty Medicine calls for new, permanent Medicare reimbursement formula The Alliance of Specialty Medicine today called on Congress to permanently fix Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate after lawmakers once again passed a temporary fix, postponing unprecedented reimbursement cuts to Medicare doctors until 2012 thereby. It has come period for Congress to make sure senior citizens get access to the medical treatment they need by stepping up and permanently repairing the outdated SGR formula, stated Dr. Alex B. Valadka, a neurosurgeon from Austin, TX and spokesperson for the Alliance.