Alleged fake general practitioner in S.

We are acquiring the records from the 500 individuals he was associated with, Lexington County Sheriff James Metts informed CBS affiliate WLTX in Columbia, S.C. Addo reportedly also worked for the Mental Health department at an inpatient facility in Columbia, S.C., from 2011 through January 2012 September, the days and Democrat reported. The S.C. Division of Mental Health informed the paper that it hasn’t found any complications caused by Addo’s care but they’re attempting to see what measures they can try prevent such occurrences later on. Because the individual evidently had stolen the identification of a physician in good standing, none of the documents reviewed shown an presssing issue, the paper was informed by the DMH. Further, a contractor was presenting him, which had conducted its credentialing review already.This is completed to avoid worsening certain medical conditions or to prepare the patient in case they have to have surgery . The patient might be given pain medication. For pain caused by bowel spasm, they could be given a shot in the hip, arm, or leg. If the patient is not throwing up, they could receive a drink which has antacid in it or pain medication. Although the individual`s pain might not go away completely, they have the right to be comfortable and really should ask for pain medicine until they are made comfortable. This agreement marks the 1st time Sarasota Memorial has agreed to take part in a Medicare Benefit network program.