Alcohol intake linked to unsafe sex By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Alcohol intake linked to unsafe sex By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD It is known that unprotected sexual activity may be the most common reason behind HIV infection and finding methods to prevent unsafe sex is a major goal of public health efforts to avoid HIV/AIDS contactez . It is not clear whether unprotected sex associated with alcohol use actually led to HIV infection, or whether certain personality traits, such as sensation-seeking or risky behavior, resulted in both alcohol use and unsafe sex. In a new research led by Jurgen Rehm, director of social and epidemiological study at the Centre for Mental and Addiction Wellness in Ontario, Canada, the researchers conducted 12 experiments that tested this cause-and-effect romantic relationship.

Given that the common adolescent is exposed to about 2.5 hours of popular music per day, young people’s annual exposure to alcohol brand references in popular music is substantial. The consequences that these songs associated with alcohol were more regularly positive than negative . Alcohol brand appearances were generally connected with wealth , sex , extravagance objects , partying , other medicines , and vehicles . The investigators note that frequent publicity of teenagers to brand-name references in well-known music may constitute a kind of advertising and could contribute to the first initiation and maintenance of material make use of among adolescents.