AIDS epidemic leveling off: Is epidemic ending?

AIDS epidemic leveling off: Is epidemic ending? The US is optimistic AIDS can be eradicated, after a fresh report on Monday stated the AIDS epidemic is certainly leveling off and the number of newly infected people with HIV remains unchanged since 2007. But without a vaccine, thousands left untreated, and donations drying up amid the overall economy, critics aren’t getting as well excited . PICTURES: AIDS hotspots: 15 states with most cases ‘They need to come on,’ said Sophie Harman, a worldwide health expert at Town University in London, who wasn’t linked to the report. ‘Probably they need to aim high, but if their definitive goal is usually eradication, it’s highly unlikely that will ever happen.’ There were 2.7 million new HIV infections last year, the same figure as in the three previous years approximately, said the UNAIDS record.