Ahead of next months meeting in Italy which includes G8 leaders plus Brazil.

CNN Examines London School’s Program To Educate Students In Developing Countries CNN examines the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s distance learning program, which could be the ‘essential to curbing the airline flight of the skilled medical researchers from the developing world.’ The institution started this program ‘to allow health professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge at their own speed and in their own country,’ CNN writes.4. Relationship: Check out the flaws in your romantic relationship. Keep communicating with one another by asking his daily routine. Respect the wishes of your husband. 5. Personality: One important thing to do is definitely to check your character. Acquire new or difficult knowledge like learn a new language or grab a hobby which helps you to build confidence and enhance self-esteem. 6. Make him special: Remember his every detail and ask him about them. Like if he has a meeting call him and ask how did it go then? and other questions which make him feel special. 7. Cook: It is rightly said that men can easily be attracted by food. If you are great prepare, try making new quality recipes and impress him at every stage. 8. Do not worry: It is not necessary to be serious all time and worry for small things.