AFGE provides solutions to tackle VA claims backlog John McCray.

Unfortunately, as is common now, managers without sufficient knowledge are unable to perform quality assurance duties, resulting in greater errors, which lead to greater delays. As a result, it is critical that managers pass the same certification checks required of senior statements processors. AFGE also recommends that VBA develop an accurate work credit system that could lay the foundation for a highly effective work credit program. To date, VBA hasn’t adjusted individual employee creation specifications to reflect the increasing complexity and difficulty of the claims procedure. These production standards ought to be an acceptable reflection of how much an worker should be expected to perform with an acceptable level of accuracy.Because high-quality surgical care needs documentation using reliable measurements of outcomes, accredited bariatric surgery centers must report their bariatric medical procedures outcomes data either to the American University of Surgeons National Medical Quality Improvement Program or the College’s BSCN Database.

5 Known reasons for Girls to Play Sports 5 Reasons for Girls to Play Sports Everybody knows that regular exercise is good for a girl’s body, mind, and spirit. Nevertheless, you can get your daily dosage of endorphins from a jog around the block. So why play sports activities? The Women’s Sports Basis has found that sports present some extra benefits for girls in addition to presenting fun and getting fit.