ACOEM honors American Express with prestigious health insurance and safety award American Express.

Additionally, its Healthful Living global wellness program features best-in-class resources, improved access to treatment, and a supportive work environment for all workers and their families. The program goals are to improve employee health and business productivity/performance, also to control long-term productivity and health costs. The CHAA was provided to American Express at the Starting Session of ACOEM'sunday s annual American Occupational Health Conference held, April 28, in Orlando, Fla. Founded in 1850, American Express includes a heritage built in service and is at the forefront of the travel, payments and service industries. With major offices in Fort Lauderdale, Salt Lake Town, and Phoenix, and huge offices in several international countries including the UK, Canada, India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, and Argentina, the ongoing business has more than 63,500 employees globally.Funding supplied for these scholarships is crucial to helping community schools students meet up with the high cost of completing these rigorous health-related programs, said Phi Theta Kappa’s Executive Director, Dr. Rod A. Risley. The majority of the 2011 award recipients are enrolled in registered nursing applications and allied health areas. Community colleges educate 63 % of allied health professionals. Based on the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 figures, employment outlook in the ongoing health care industry has continued to improve.