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Mice that received AAV2 outlived the untreated mice and did not show signs of being ill, unlike the untreated mice. Tumor sizes reduced in the treated mice, areas of cell death were visible and all AAV2 treated mice survived through the study, a direct contrast to the untreated mice. ‘These email address details are significant, since tumor necrosis – – or loss of life – – in response to therapy is also used as the measure of a highly effective chemotherapeutic,’ Meyers stated. Future studies should look at the use of AAV2 body-wide in mice, which would better model what happens in humans, according to Meyers.. Adeno-associated virus type 2 kills triple-adverse breast cancer cells in mice A virus not known to cause disease kills triple-negative breast cancers cells and killed tumors grown from these cells in mice, according to Penn Condition College of Medicine announced that it has received a decision from the arbitration panel reviewing its dispute against certain subsidiaries of Johnson and Johnson . The panel has determined that Affymax and JNJ are co-owners of certain intellectual property, including U.S. Patent amounts 5,773,569, 5,830,851, 5,986,047, among others related to erythropoietin receptor agonists. In addition, the ruling determined that JNJ is single owner of JNJ’s U.S. Patent number 5 5,767,078 and certain additional related patents and patent applications in European countries, Japan, Canada and Australia. Morris, chief executive officer of Affymax. ‘We continue to think that these patents and patent applications usually do not encompass Hematide and that we can produce and sell the merchandise upon approval.’ Affymax will not believe the statements in the ‘078 patent are valid.