According to a study led by researchers at Henry Ford Health System and the U.

But surprisingly, 1727 of those 2,788 sufferers, or 62 percent of those experiencing liver damage, had no formal documentation within their medical records that they had cirrhosis. The outcomes suggest cirrhosis could be underdiagnosed in a big segment of the populace, he added. Clinicians typically depend on liver biopsies to diagnose cirrhosis. However in the hepatitis C individuals studied, only 661 sufferers were diagnosed with cirrhosis through a liver biopsy.A new gene expression analysis technique on a single molecule sequencer A fresh gene expression technique adapted for single molecule sequencing has enabled experts at the RIKEN Omics Science Center to accurately and quantitatively measure gene expression amounts using only 100 nanograms of total RNA. The technique, which pairs RIKEN’s Cap Analysis of Gene Expression process with the Helicos Genetic Analysis System produced by Helicos BioSciences Corporation, opens the door to the detailed evaluation of gene expression networks and uncommon cell populations. In recent years, next-era DNA sequencers have created an increasingly detailed picture of how genes are expressed at the molecular level.