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How to live your values, ambition, and peace in virtually any careerWhat this article says is usually to root your ambition, which may be a healthy part of you, to your true self – your own center within – and to no one else. Your ambition can grow as well as your values may evolve in university, but let the maturation of your values keep speed with the development of your ambition. This real way, your ambition does not get unmoored from your ideals. An unexamined ambition, tethered and then ‘the sky’s the limit!’ can cause you, unwittingly, to become glaringly vulnerable target to outside influences that can appear alluring with their impressive offers, but will ultimately regard you merely as they see everyone else: as an impersonal quantity, an economic unit, a consumed customer.Funding has already been secured for all 250 grow systems, plus they ship out the first week of March, placing 3D printed grow systems in to the hands of schoolchildren across America. ‘You want to show kids not only the pleasure of growing their personal nutritious meals, but also educate them about the rise of the next commercial revolution: 3D printing and additive manufacturing.’ Adams explains. Adams may be the executive director of the nonprofit Consumer Wellness Center ( that launched the project and organized the donations. He says he provides plans to release four more ‘innovative inventions’ in 2015 that are 3D printable, practical devices which solve challenging problems. His next 3D printable invention, he says, is ‘a device that can remove arsenic from contaminated well water.’ Adams runs an ICP-MS laboratory with a mass spec device and has recently invented a patent-pending supplements that can remove radioactive isotopes from the digestive system.