Abiomed 1st quarter fiscal 2012 revenue up 25 percent to $27.

Abiomed 1st quarter fiscal 2012 revenue up 25 percent to $27 medical journal .4 million Abiomed, Inc. , a respected provider of breakthrough heart support technologies, today reported first one fourth fiscal 2012 revenue of $27.4 million, up 25 percent in comparison to revenue of $22.0 million in the same period of fiscal 2011.S.2 million, up 33 percent compared to revenue of $16.7 million through the same period of the last year. U.S. Impella revenues of $20.5 million were up 31 percent from the last year.

Dickson, the lead researcher on the task, says that neurons likely rehearse the process for recalling newly installed memories by using the brain’s downtime to send and resend signals back and forth, establishing well practiced synaptic connections. Those connections allow the human brain to retrieve the remembrances and rehearsal means that they last for a long period, said Dickson. It had been previously thought that just biochemical processes like protein synthesis were important for solidifying thoughts Dickson says additional investigation of this process could be utilized to improve an individual’s memory and possibly as a tool to delete harmful or post traumatic recollections..