A spot on the relative back with spokes.

The rest of her skin evaluation was unremarkable, with fewer than 100 bland naevi scattered on the trunk and lower limbs mainly.. A spot on the relative back with spokes, no joke! An elderly woman presents with a pink-brown plaque that has some eccentric black pigmentation. What dermoscopic features are most useful in diagnosing this lesion? Case presentation An elderly female with a history of skin tumor presented for a routine skin check, and a suspicious pigmented lesion was noted on her upper back.If the individual has attacked you, don’t wait to get medical assistance or to call the police. Assault is illegal, and so is rape — even if it’s done by someone you are dating. Avoid the tendency to isolate yourself from your friends and family. You might feel just like you have to turn nowhere, or you might be embarrassed about what’s been heading on, but that is if you want support most. People like counselors, doctors, teachers, coaches, and close friends shall want to help you, so let them. Don’t rely on yourself alone to escape the situation. Family and friends who love and value you can help you break away. It’s important to understand that requesting for help is not a signal of weakness.