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Particularly, data were provided describing the discovery of additional novel lipids; the usage of little molecules in both cis and trans configurations to improve LNP-based delivery; targeting-based techniques with LNPs; and, the achievement of extra-hepatic delivery of siRNAs, including to immune cells and prostate cancer tumor tumor xenografts, with LNPs. Posters offered at the meeting included the next: Development of Targeted LNPs for the Delivery of RNAi Therapeutics, Soma De, Ph.D., Scientist at Alnylam; Synthesis and Evaluation of Bicyclic Ketal-based Cationic Lipids for the Delivery of siRNA via Lipid Nanoparticle Systems, by Muthusamy Jayaraman, Ph.D., Principal Scientist at Alnylam; Impact of Cationic Lipid Composition on Gene Silencing Properties of siRNA in Primary Antigen Presenting Cells, by Genc Basha, Study Associate at UBC; siRNA Knockdown of the Androgen Receptor using Liposomal Nanoparticles to Treat Advanced Prostate Tumor, by Justin B.We cannot – we should not – lose the proper to know what is in the meals we eat. H.R.4432, also known as The DARK Act is a bill which will stop attempts to label GMO foods. It will deny individual says the right to pass laws needing GMO labeling and will make any previously exceeded state laws and regulations null and void. And the best joke is the full name of the costs: H.R. 4432 – Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014. Of course, the bill is written in that real way that its application is unclear. Yes, it would make sense to have a federal regulation relating to the labeling of GMO foods. Yes, it will be a burden on the manufacturers if each state needed a different label. Nevertheless, you, this bill’s ultimate purpose has nothing to do with food basic safety; it has everything to do with the companies who have spent an estimated 100 million to get it passed – those who advantage from keeping the term GMO off their labels.